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Seattle orthodontist, Dr. John Moore is one of Washington's best orthodontists, serving the Seattle, WA area with braces and orthodontic treatment. Moore Orthodontics: 509 Olive Way, Suite 840 / Seattle, Washington 98101 / Phone: (206) 623-2192.

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Dr John Moore is a specialist in orthodontics for children and adults using clear braces, invisalign, and traditional orthodontic braces. Dr Moore serves the Seattle, WA area including:
Bainbridge Island, Mercer Island, Medina, Newcastle and Bellevue

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Welcome to the Moore orthodontic web site. There is some very exciting news about my practice that I would like to share. Up until now I had not seriously considered cutting back or retiring despite more than 40 years in dentistry, 35 of which were in orthodontics. But that has now changed because of the association and friendship that I have developed with a former student of mine, Dr. Rebecca Bockow. Dr. Bockow has been teaching with us for the last year in the graduate orthodontic/periodontics course at the University. During that time I came to realize that Dr. Bockow would be the perfect fit for my practice and that if I waited any longer, I would loose the opportunity of transitioning my practice to someone that embraces the same patient centered philosophies that I believe in. I have worked with more than 200 orthodontic graduates over the years so I can say with confidence that Dr. Bockow has an incredible aptitude, skill and passion that sets her apart from the others.

Dr. Bockow is a Seattle native and attended dental school at the University of Washington. She practiced as a general dentist in West Seattle for two years before deciding to pursue further dental training. Rebecca graduated in 2013 from the University of Pennsylvania’s combined residency program in Orthodontics and Periodontics - a program that only accepts one resident a year. During her time at UPenn she also earned a Masters in Oral Biology. Rebecca is board certified in both orthodontics and periodontics. She lectures locally and nationally and has published articles on interdisciplinary treatment planning and the role of an orthodontist in comprehensive dentistry. Rebecca and her husband live in Seattle and love the outdoors. They are avid cyclists, runners, hikers and foodies.

Dr. Bockow and I will initially see patients together, but eventually I will phase out over the next year. I expect to spend more time traveling and with the family. I have two things that I would like to achieve before I get too old, one is to improve my golf game and the other is to generate more unforgettable fishing experiences.

I feel fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful patients and families over the years. Their trust and confidence have meant a great deal to me. And I feel the same appreciation towards Seattle’s dental community, generally recognized as the best in the world.

I am also fortunate to have met Dr. Bockow, because I am absolutely certain that you will enjoy working with her. She is so bright, energetic and perceptive and has already introduced a lot of new and exciting ideas to the practice. I think it is a great match and I look forward to introducing her to you.

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John W. Moore, DDS, MSD

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